The Latino List: Photography by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

October 6–December 31, 2017 


Cisneros Sandra copy

            The Latino List: Photography by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders presents thirty-one portraits of influential Latinos from the worlds of culture, business, politics, and sports. 

            Renowned photographer and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders documents the vibrant culture of Hispanic America in The Latino List, the Museum’s major fall special exhibition. Executed in 2011–2012 and previously exhibited in Atlanta and Brooklyn, The Latino List contains portraits of influential Latinos who span the worlds of culture, business, politics, and sports from baseball great Chi Chi Rodriguez to rapper Pitbull to Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor. San Antonio is particularly well-represented in the series, which features portraits of former mayor Henry Cisneros, author Sandra Cisneros, and South Texas’s actress Eva Longoria. 

           As one of America’s foremost contemporary portraitists, Greenfield-Sanders (American, born 1952) has explored constructions of identity and community throughout his career. His works invite viewers to ask questions about how we participate in groups, both self-defined and defined by others. Is there an essential communal identity? At the same time, his candid portraits celebrate the individual characters of their sitters. Previous series include The Black List (2008), a collection of contemporary African American sitters; Injured Soldiers (2008); About Face (2012), portraits of female models; The Women’s List (2015); and The Trans List (2017).

            Greenfield-Sanders has also made award-winning documentaries that similarly explore community and biography including Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart, which won a Grammy Award for Best Long-Form Video.

 Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (American, born 1952), Sandra Cisneros, 2011, Pigmented inkjet print, 58 x 44 in. Portrait © Timothy Greenfield-Sanders